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Our Story

CereTea was an idea born of the need for serenity in today’s fast-paced and frenetic world. For those of us who are focused on wellness and looking for a way to turn down the constant noise around us, tea can bring us moments of peace and solace that are otherwise elusive and often missing from our busy lives.

The Way of Tea
The tea ceremony, literally translated as "way of tea" in Japanese and "art of tea" in Chinese, is a cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of tea. The Way of Tea is a Japanese tradition that is influenced by Zen, a tradition rich in meditative practice that dates back more than two thousand years. This ancient ritual has in recent years enjoyed a resurgence of popularity, fueled by a societal need to refocus on what’s important in life – as opposed to what is expected of us at work or at home. These moments support our happiness and our ability to cope with whatever might happen next, giving us moments of stillness in a world that, at times, seems vehemently opposed to it.

Made for your busy life
Now, not everybody has time to commit to tea ceremony. This is where CereTea comes in. CereTea answers our need for peace, satisfying our love of flavorful tea “almost” instantly, giving us pause and bringing happiness even when everything around us is moving at the speed of sound.

All natural
CereTea contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. It is naturally sweet and fruity and can be brewed on the go as there is never any need for hot water or any special brewing vessel. Typical loose-leaf cold-brew tea can take up to 12 hours to reach its full flavor – who has that kind of time? CereTea is ready in five minutes, meaning you will never have to wait to find your peace.

Try CereTea today. Your Zen moment awaits.

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